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 Happier Couple…                                                        Simple Secrets to Get the Love You Want,               And Make Love Last!

Gladys Marie Clancy

Wondering if you in the right place?

  • Has the spark dimmed over the years… Are you feeling isolated and alone even when you are together?  Has resentment replaced romance…
  • Maybe you want to protect your relationship from this kind of fate… or simply energize your connection and sense of intimacy!  
  • Perhaps you are divorced and wondering if a loving, loyal relationship is even possible for you!  Well, Gladys Marie can help!

Why is this platform different?                                               

Happier Couple is not just another intellectual exercise… It is a personal experience which quickly, gently gets to the core of the matter!

Learn skills and strategies you can use immediately: 

  • Get really clear about what you want and how to get it
  • Stop living with a sense of isolation… dissolve resentment and frustration
  • Replace negative patterns with inspired positive action
  • Have influence and intentional impact when it counts the most!

How would you feel if things that bothered you got resolved? Just imagine conflict as productive not destructive; as meaningful not demeaning. What if you felt the freedom to be yourself; felt acceptance on all levels? Imagine having a clearly defined vision for your future together and strategies to achieve it. This is what you learn to create in this breakthrough program.

By becoming the person defined in this program:

  • You immediately increase confidence, certainty, happiness
  • You know where you want to go and how to get there
  • You have healthy conflict which deepens your relationship 
  • You inspire change and problems melt away!

Finally have a workable, simple plan for your relationship and personal life

Mini Bio: For over 35 years, Gladys Marie Clancy has been committed to promoting happy healthy relationships. She has helped 1,000’s of men and women in over 20 countries go from frustrated, disillusioned and confused, to living the empowered life they desire.  Gladys is sought out because her techniques work!  She reduces complex issues to step-by-step systems and teaches participants immediately implementable steps which take their relationships and their lives to the next level.  Her simple and “straight to the point” tactics have saved marriages, inspired a new clarity, and created pure joy in countless lives. Contact Gladys for a free chat.

Here is what happy clients are saying:

“If you are a professional woman searching for the perfect relationship, get this program!”   Nancy Boyle, Palm Beach Chapter President,
National Association of Professional Women

“Gladys is an expert in helping people move on after divorce.  I have referred clients to her because I believe in her ability to help families thrive.”  Tammy Saltzman, Attorney, Mediator, Internet TV Host, Author, Boca Raton, FL

“Gladys Marie Clancy is a wise and inspiring woman!  I have witnessed personally her unique ability to connect with both men and woman on a personal and intellectual level.  It is that connection coupled with a profound understanding of how healthy relationships evolve that makes her programs successful.  I am honored to know her and look forward to watching her program climb to the highest level of success!”   Dr. Shelley Plumb,  www.plumbtalkwomen.com

“Gladys shows you how to succeed at relationships!  Now you can finally understand and use the power of Inspired Action at any time.”  Kristen Howe, Manifest Everything Now Series  www.manifesteverythingnow.com  Law of Attraction Key Magazine www.lawofattractionkey.com

“If you want to understand how to create great relationships and career fulfillment, this is a must program!  By putting the principles in this workshop to work, you can truly live a life you can love.”
Stephanie Frank, Best Selling Author, The Accidental Millionaire

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“As a Family and Life Coach, I know the devastation which divorce can bring, both emotionally and financially.  The divorce rate has now reached 58%.  Gladys’ program offers real hope to change that statistic.  The skills she teaches for healthy conflict are brilliant… Her thoughts on how to find love and keep it alive, are profound and life-changing. Gladys is amazing”.  Sue Dockerill, www.lifeworksparentingtools.org  

“My guy wouldn’t commit… Then I took Gladys’ program, and now we are planning our wedding.”  Chris L.,  Teacher

“The insights Gladys provided proved to be just the emergency tools I needed to heal my marriage!  Before I was constantly scared my husband would cheat… Now he wouldn’t want to live without me and wouldn’t do anything to mess things up.  As a matter of fact he’s always eager to make me happy.  What a shift!  Thank you, Gladys, for showing me how to create deep love and commitment in my marriage.”  Sharon, RN

“Gladys helped my wife and I understand how men think different than women.  Now I understand her more, and I feel more understood, myself.”  Bill C, Finance

“Gladys totally delivered what she promised! Gladys broke down each inspiring idea she taught, into a simple step by step process which I could understand and implement.  I felt totally supported and less isolated… It’s not fun trying to figure this out alone.  Gladys has an authentically warm and engaging personality so learning from her is very easy, enjoyable, and of course very effective!  I can’t believe how quickly things completely shifted.  I had the best conversation ever with my husband last night… confusion lifted, the feeling of love returned!    Susan Atherton Reed, Technology and Design Business Owner

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“I came knowing I was attracting what I did NOT want, lacking the clarity of why. Working with Gladys helped me uncover the limiting beliefs driving my behavior and results.  NOW I know how I can replace those thoughts and create the ideal relationship for me!  I feel empowered… certain and excited to experience true love, passion, and harmony in my romantic relationship.” Tasha Chen  www.scienceofgettingrichacademy.com Chief Inspiration Officer

“From my first conversation with Gladys, her wisdom stopped me right in my tracks… I instantly got a hint of what had to change.”  CeCe Espeut, Photography & Video www.CeCeThePhotographer.com

“I wanted to find love again.  Yet, men who seemed like Mr. Right at first, kept turning into Mr. Wrong!  Over and over, the same untrustworthy guy kept showing up in a different body, with a different name.  Then Gladys helped me sort it all out… to stop carrying the emotional load in relationships, to allow authentic love!”  Lois M., Business Owner

“For years I searched and searched for answers… I attended seminars, sought out gurus, read books, trying to find out why I couldn’t I have happiness in my life… wondering, was there something wrong with me.  Then I met Gladys and participated in her program.  Now the fog has lifted.  I am clear about what went wrong.  I feel confident in my own ability to choose wisely and create the life of my dreams.  Thank you so much, Gladys!”  Alicia C., Salon Owner

“I’ve known Gladys for many years.  Gladys, this is your calling.  You are such a dynamo and now the whole planet will know. She will inspire you. Great job Gladys!”  Rosalind Neilen, www.rosalindsfitnessstudios.com

“After a terrible divorce, I convinced myself that I didn’t want a serious relationship with a man.  I had no problem attracting men, but I had no role model for creating the real closeness of a deep, caring connection.  Through Gladys’ program I learned valuable skills to step into my feminine power. I gained the awareness I needed to choose wisely… to remove my own barriers… to trust and expect to be loved.  Then everything shifted!  Suddenly, I am meeting and being introduced to wonderful men.  I had 5 dates in 5 weeks, with 5 great guys!  Choices… Choices!!”    Olga R., Realtor CIPS   www.OlgaRogers.com

Book your 15 min consult (no credit card required- no obligation )